The Domed Sticker Manufacturing Process

  • The resin doming process begins with liquid polyurethane resin, guaranteed for five years of exterior use without changing.
  • The resin is pumped out of the drum into the dispensing machine. This machine has dispensing needles that can be configured to the individual sheet layout. The CNC controlled machine positions the needles as required.
  • The needles eject resin onto the label. The resin spreads out until it meets the edge of the label. Surface tension keeps the resin from running off the label and conforming to the label shape.
  • A catalytic reaction kicks in and the resin starts to harden. Within a few minutes the resin domed labels can be stacked on trays.
  • The resin domed labels cure overnight and are ready to be delivered the next day.

                            Domed Stickers manufacturing process

We use the latest technology for the manufacture and supply of resin domed stickers and labels.

                         Domed Labels being made